Deep Web and Internet Security

What is the Deep Web and what is not?

The deep web, which we can also translate into Turkish as “deep internet”, are web servers not indexed by search engines. In other words, it is a web made up of websites that are not defined, classified and have no specific static address by search engines. The deep web is a sort of “Mariana Trench” of the Internet, because it is not indexed, there are many illegal entities, there are no static addresses, they can only be reached by those who know them, and therefore cannot be banned.
Deep Web Safe? unsurprisingly, the cybercrime team ends up at your door. On many sites that you click on while browsing the deep web, you can see that the site has been closed by the FBI due to non-compliance. publications and the site owner. Again, it is very likely that you will be scammed on purchases made on the deep web. Since Bitcoin is more secure, there are no sites that require real money, although it is often used for purchases here. Those who wish to browse the deep web are advised to do so from a machine running Linux or derivative operating systems and where banking transactions are not performed normally Because this is an environment where hackers and malicious users are very busy.

Deep Web Hacker

Is my personal information on social media and mobile applications secure?

Personal information provided to applications that can be accessed via social media and mobile phones are stored on the known web.Your data in applications installed on IOS and Android systems are generally under the protection of companies such as Google and Apple.In case of theft or loss of your personal data it is possible to take legal action and compensate the loss.It is not possible for you not to share your personal information in today’s world where all kinds of transactions are made, from banking transactions to obtaining a permit to stay, can be made on the Internet. Even if all of your information on the accessible web is relatively secure, it doesn’t mean that companies won’t market your information and data or that hackers are unable to access your data, and please note that any information transferred in any way on digital media is never completely erased Item
What Should Brandme For Age Safety? it can be removed from the video site and its search on the deep web. Companies in this situation should always be on the lookout for the right team for a well-known website on the internet. which makes the personal information of its users confidential, the purpose of which is to protect user information by conducting in-depth web analytics and other security measures.



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