Google Fast Indexing Methods

What is index and what are fast indexing methods?

If you are also curious, you can find detailed information about fast indexing techniques in this article. The index, which occupies a very important position for websites, is the indexing of all pages owned by bots owned by search engines. Pages and categories of sites indexed using bots deal with more than 200 criteria.

What is a directory?

in the database and then listed in the search results made by users, for example, it needs to be indexed in order to rank quickly in search results in google search engine and deliver websites to users. Therefore, a sitemap is created for each So when the search engine robots visit the web page for indexing purposes, it is easily indexed and displayed in the search results. its are performed. One of them is to index the pages or categories of the website, the other is to ensure that the relevant page or category gets the most appropriate ranking according to the quality of the content. If the contents are created according to the necessary rules, it is possible classify In addition, the indexing time has also been shortened, so that a published content is indexed in search engines in a shorter time, of course, it can be said that there are various techniques to obtain fast indexes. ?

There are several methods for your website to be indexed by search engine bots. Bots visit websites periodically in general. However, it is possible for website owners to call on bots to index and speed up the indexing time this way. The methods are generally the following;

Sitemap – Provides faster indexing in search engines and is therefore a must-have feature on all websites. One of the first things to do after building a website is to create a sitemap, as the sitemap is also in an important position in terms of SEO rules and helps websites display higher. . Also, don’t forget to put your sitemap link in your robots.txt file on your

Ping site: Different ping services are used to notify search engines that new content has been entered. These services, the new content is transmitted to the search engines. Thus, the indexing of this content of the website becomes faster. You can use the following link to ping Google: .com. tr / intl / tr / add_url.html

Update site: updating is very important for websites to index, in other words, websites that have not been updated since long or have not entered any content will be indexed Search engine bots almost stop or start visiting the affected website. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the websites up to date and, if possible, to post content daily. Quick indexing method: After websites are saved in this tool, the content is entered manually into the Search Console tool. This way the content quickly becomes visible.

Use of social media: having websites on social media is also of great importance in Because search engine bots also visit websites through social media . Sharing the content posted on the website on social media platforms will be effective for indexing in a short period of time. It’s actually a controversial process, but my tests show that it still works.

API over the past few months. These APIs include APIs that automate navigation and indexing. Google’s new indexing API support page says that “may only be used to crawl pages with job postings or live structured data.” However, he discovered that many SEOs like David Sottimano have tried Google APIs and work with different types of content.

Internal linking: if your website has pages with traffic, Google robots can visit them often Google robots reach new pages with If we internally link to new pages from pages visited by Google robots , it is highly likely that the Google robot will notice the internal linking pages and index them if they follow their guidelines

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