How to Control Copy Content?

Before we start to find out if your content is duplicate, let’s find out what duplicate content means;

Off-site copy content

Off-site copy content is an exact copy of your website content on a website with another address. In this case, its original content has been copied and published by third parties.

There’s not much you can do to correct this situation other than submit a copyright plagiarism report to Google.
Copy site content

Duplicate content on the site, on the other hand, if two very similar or identical content are placed on multiple pages, we call it duplicate content.

In general, duplicate content adds little or no value to your website for visitors

Is copied content bad for SEO?
If there are more than a dozen duplicate content for a website with hundreds of pages, search engines cannot decide exactly which content to use, which will reduce the performance of all pages, cannot decide which content to display in the search results. Having a large number of pages in this way will cause search engines to lose their trust in the site over time as it will waste the search engines’ search budget.

With site reliability damaged, getting as high of traffic as before means a laborious process.

Duplicate content seriously damages your SEO performance, but you won’t be penalized for Google’s duplicate content unless you duplicate content from another website.
What are the common causes of duplicate content?

Http and Https problem:

Let’s assume you use https as your website infrastructure, but you can add www.Extension links as well. In such a situation, you will have duplicate content because your website is poorly structured.

Common causes of URL structure of duplicate content:

If you have a URL with capital letters and / lines, Google will treat URLs that contain content in this way and in this case, treat your content as a duplicate.

copy content URL error Index pages (index.html, index.php):

Again, due to misconfigured website, you can access your home page vi at multiple URLs without your knowledge. Therefore, your homepage is considered duplicate content

duplicate content index pages error
Copy content control and solution

You can use SEO scanner tools to find out if your content contains duplicates Regularly check your website with a technical SEO check, redirect duplicate content that you find to the appropriate page by performing 301 redirects, or tag the page with the same content as “canonical”, so that those pages don’t have more duplicate content, your site’s crawl budget and SEO performance will not be negatively affected

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