How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

What is the bounce rate?

Does “bounce rate” mean that a user who visited your website left or visited any other content on your site after reading or viewing your content? Bounce rate measures exactly that.

In a nutshell, let’s take an example. Let’s say 100 people visit your site. 75% of these 100 visitors left your site after consuming your content. The remaining 25% of the audience continued browsing your site with another click. In such a case, the Bounce rate will be 75% .

Why is the bounce rate important?

It doesn’t matter if the content on your site has different concepts, such as e-commerce or blogging. Your primary goal is to keep visitors “in” for as long as possible. You can also do this by creating content that interests them. How high should this ratio be?

bounce rate based on Google Analytics data;

Content Pages: 40-60%

Member Pages: 30-50%

Ecommerce: It’s a good average to be between 20-40% .
Methods to Reduce Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

You Must Have a Quality Niche Site

If the content of your site is related to a specific topic, then all of the information in it is related to it so that they grab the attention of visitors and have the reflex of adding articles one at a time Read You can customize the format of your website this way and move forward this way. Your content should be relevant to what visitors are looking for.

First of all, the reader who comes to your website should get what they want from you. The first thing to focus on is responding to their expectations. You can check your search traffic results with Google Analytics. Is the content that users are looking for on your website really relevant to your post? What words have Internet users searched for and which pages have they reached? How long have they spent on these pages? How many pages have they viewed in total? For example, if people coming from a result and coming to your site immediately leave your site, you may conclude that there is an error in your content, for this reason the keywords you use should generate traffic. quality and should not be used haphazardly.If you do not do such a setup, bounce rates will increase and it will hurt your site.

Must use links for articles The visitor who consumes the first post will leave your site if they cannot see another article to read, therefore place links to relevant categories, different categories of indirect relevance in your messages, will reduce the bounce rate Your site should not be slow

Perhaps one of the most important factors affecting the bounce rate is how quickly the site opens. lives and as the area it covers increases, people’s patience levels decrease. So, if your site is not above the same speed, the bounce rate will increase significantly.

Answering Questions Answering can be a big reason why users leave your site. How should your site work for mobile? to get content on your site, when the first content they ate, they left your site instead of navigating to new content and struggling to change.

No Translation Page

We can explain this situation by example. Let’s say you have an E-Shop site and you sell clothes. The visitor came to your site and logged in to the t-shirt type, and finally turned up in women’s t-shirts, colors and sizes.When she wanted to come back later, she could not such, your visitor will leave the site instead of returning. Simple design, easy interface and easy navigation

Keep in mind the most important and valuable of your content, headlines and keep everything else in the background. For this reason, it will be advantageous for your site to have a simple and easy to use interface.

In addition to ‘delete everything that moves’. Pop-ups, autoplay videos and distractions while Users manage your content at your expense Titles and Explanations

Because search engines pull and display the titles and descriptions of your posts, you should use titles and descriptions. proper, descriptive, summative and correct descriptions. all users will find the information they are looking for on your site, stay there, and your bounce rate will decrease.

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