Instagram Advertising Prices and Pricing Factors

With this article in which we will provide detailed information on Instagram advertising prices and price factors, you can take a closer look at what to pay attention to when advertising on Instagram and the variety of advertising prices. In recent years, Instagram has become one of the social networks where users are very popular and interact a lot. It is also possible to say that Instagram has more than one billion users.
How much and how are the prices of advertising on Instagram determined?
The prices of advertising on Instagram are determined according to certain Conditions and payments for the ads are made according to the content seen in the newsletters or stories. Also, ads are always served according to the people related to the products or services. Many Instagram users see Instagram ads based on demographics or interests. Instagram ad bids generally work like Facebook ad bids. It would also be correct to say that the ads are managed from the same platform.In addition to these, there are 3 factors closely related to the advertising budget in Instagram ads. These are as follows; offer rate plan Ad quality donate Instagram ads started as a daily money plan or by a person or company considering advertising. One of the key points to note in advertising campaigns is that early advertisers start with a low budget and gradually increase the amount of money they spend. How many conversations people or companies will receive on social media can be reported on Instagram. reveal the success of the interest shown in the media and the promotion of social media.
Ad Qu ality There are many factors that influence the determination in Instagram advertising. Statements or opinions that people have received or complained about in a ad text and image of a ad retention message Using offensive language Content that will entice users into a social trap When we looked at the last two things above; It reveals important media symbols through a combination of these two elements. The key score from 1 to 10.10 is the highest score, 1 is the lowest score. On the other hand, in calculating the importance of a brand, it is important whether the campaign is relevant to the audience. For example, if a restaurant is advertised with chicken breast, the presence of a back menu and ads will make it necessary. This situation creates a negative impact on media ranking and cost rates. What is the price of Instagram advertising? After creating some conditions for advertising on Instagram, it comes to the price of advertising. or the area, the price per click varies between 20 cents and 5 TL. In addition, it is possible to determine the amount of daily spending for ads on Instagram in general. Let’s try to explain this problem with an example. For example, you set a daily budget of TL 30 for your Instagram ad and you want to run ads every day of the month. As a result, the monthly ad spend is 900 TL out of a daily budget of 30 TL. These prices you set will never change unless you make a change.
But what matters is how many total clicks you get with that budget that you have Of course, how much you spend per click is also very important. Having received 1800 clicks per month with a monthly budget of 900 TL on your Instagram ad means spending advertising per click is 50 kurus. In such a situation, the most important problem that comes to mind is that this budget spent on advertising prices shows net costs. This question can be answered in two different ways, yes and no. Let’s explain that there are two different answers to this question that come to mind as follows. First again

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