Little advice to protect your SEO

1) Do market and target audience research

There are two different ways to run a site in international media: the first is to design different language versions of your website according to the needs of the consumer speaking that language. opening different websites for different countries and language groups. Although these two elements look the same at first glance, there is actually a lot of difference between them. Opening a site in English requires very different strategies and configurations. Similarly, opening a site in English is very different from opening a site for Australia.

2) Use proven resources

In particular, make sure that the resources you will be using for translation (translation agency , software, person assigned to this role) have a good grasp of the subject and have worked successfully on this subject in the past No matter which source you use, I need to be fluent in the language, culture of foreign user audience that you target, your content and tHowever, with this dominance, you can provide a site service that will not be familiar or unattractive to your target audience, otherwise you will severely damage your referral is lying.

3) Optimize

You should optimize your foreign language site based on the search and usage preferences of your target audience. The SEO you do on your Turkish site will not work on your foreign language site. Translating the words you use directly for SEO is likely going to hurt because now SEO looks at not only individual words but phrases as well. Find out how your target audience actually searches, what words they use together, and adjust your content and SEO strategy accordingly. Manage your foreign language site as a separate site on its own, not as an extension or part of your original site, and build the entire SEO strategy from scratch.

Also, search engines in different languages pay attention to different points. Having a grasp of this will make it easier for you to produce SEO strategies that really work alongside your target audience analysis.

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