Presence in Digital Media

With the development of information technology and the Internet, marketing services began to digitize rapidly and this situation led to the need for digital media channels, but the situation was not always as bright as it is today. Looking back over the long term, we were doing awareness-oriented advertising with traditional media channels (newspapers, magazines, TV commercials) and could not have certain information about the transformation we got from these ads, as we have no information about the return on our investment. and our advertising expenses are very high; advertising was reserved exclusively for the most economically powerful brands and gaining a market share of the pie was easier than it is today.
Looking back on the short term

Looking back on the short term, we met the digital world, we haven’t yet met the “data”, the concepts of “targeting”, “meaning” and “optimization” had not entered our lives. During this time, we had no choice but to make fixed purchases around the clock from websites with high page traffic, even if “not all traffic is our target audience”. This meant we had to buy all traffic for the page the ad was bought on based on impressions. As an example, the new X service brand in a niche market not only in Turkey has started to reach a private audience of 50,000 people. This brand decides to advertise on a website to reach its target audience of 50,000. people, buys the ad to buy on that website’s home page for 24 hours, and is ready to pay for all 3 million page impressions g enerated that day. And he does not know how his audience, which is 50,000 people, joined this 3 million. But, according to traditional media; Being able to measure and measure the digital world in so many well-defined terms, it has managed to take a big place in our lives in a very short time.

digital digital covers the width today; Your data on your cloud, 2.-3. Third party software, technology that produces a variety of technologies and types of media, programs and includes many other ways that come or go out of our daily lives in spite of the differences between the following methods, almost all of them perform the same function; The desire to reach our audience is what we want at the lowest price, when we want it the way we want it, on all websites using any “media technology” .

Digital media provides us; It provides an opportunity to stay in touch with our listeners through channels that are constantly evolving. is for us; population, age, gender, interests, shape and also moral values ​​we want; It allows you to reach the “matrix spot” at any time and at the cheapest location. We can also report each level in this process to see where and how we spent each penny. At the end of the day, we can see what we have achieved with this refund, so that we can invest our money easily and clearly on a profitable channel. So now the rope is in our hands. while the day you give us these things.It is up to us to take our position in the ever-changing digital world and take the opportunity to bring back the fast-paced return of time through digital media.

What Should We Do Digital

For those who have jobs or are starting a new business; We mentioned above that digital media is an important marketing tool. You need to pay attention to some points to be effective in this area;


First, you need to protect and register your domain in the digital domain, if this will increase your security in the future. what is this digital?

  1. Your business website
  2. Your personal blog
  3. Your social media accounts
  4. Your advertising accounts
  5. Your Analytics account
  6. Your Tag Manager account
  7. Your mobile app
  8. Your SEO strategy
  9. Your job registration
  10. Your Search Console configurationAnd much more you nee…

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