Sravantiputra in the discussion with the lover again!

Sravantiputra in the

Popular Tollywood starlet Sravantiputra Abhimanyu Chatterjee (Oyster) loves design Damini Ghosh. After secretly making love for three years, he shared an image on his Instagram with his partner previously this year. At that time there was a lot of hassle about it in the net world.

Sravantiputra in a new conversation on the event of Valentine’s Day. He discusses the problem of enthusiasts. On February 14, Damini shared a photo with her boyfriend Oyster on her Instagram. The inscription reviews, ‘Love matches us well, it really feels wonderful’

In the common photo, Damini is seen with a black natural leather top as well as pants with a rose in her hand. Oysters are standing anxiously behind him using a black Tee shirt as well as jeans. Positive and also negative comments have been observed in this blog post on Instagram. Although some netizens like this couple, many have actually made fun of it. However, his eyes got stuck in the comments box when he saw Sravanti’s comments.

Oyster’s mother Sravanti Damini has actually offered a love response to that post. In return, Damini additionally provided love to her boyfriend’s mother. All in all, their chemistry is fairly icy. Numerous in Tolipara assume so.

At the same time, Sravanti has currently learned about her boy’s love. In an interview provided to the Indian media, he stated concerning his child’s love, ‘It will be like this at this age. Whatever the child does, I will be by his side. ‘.

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