What are breadcrumbs? Why Is It Important For SEO?

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are an essential part of almost any good website. These navigation aids tell users where they are on your site and also help Google understand how your site is structured. This is why it makes perfect sense to add structured breadcrumbs to your site. Let’s take a look at how the breadcrumb system works:

Breadcrumbs, the link that shows the location shown in the account, is a small text path, usually at the top of the page, that shows where the user is on the site. This feature makes breadcrumb navigation a great source of contextual information for users and helps them find answers to the following questions:

Where am I?

Breadcrumbs provides visitors with information about their location in relation to the full hierarchy of the site

Where can I go?

Breadcrumbs increase the usability of sections and pages of the site. The structure of the site is easier to understand when you place a breadcrumb instead of

Should I go there

Breadcrumbs shows the value of the content and encourages going to that content (for example, if the site visitor from e-commerce can enter a product page, the product may not be a good match, but the visitor may want to see other products in the same category. ) This reduces the endpoint rate of all sites.

So why is the aid called bread? We saw what the word bread means. Bread is on the ground to find a way to get home if they leave. These slices later became a model for the bread crumbs we see on the website. on your site. Let’s look at these;

It reduces the number of actions. In terms of usage, bread reduces the amount of behavior a visitor to the site will have to do to reach a higher page. Instead of using the browser “back” button or the site link key to return to the previous page, visitors can use help to help the so-called bread.

They provide a way to tell Google how your website is structured, but Google can also use them in actual search results. This makes your result much more attractive to users. mechanism that does not occupy most of the area of the page because it has text with links in a horizontal line. The benefit of this is that it does not have a negative effect on content overload.

What is the impact of using Breadcrumb on User Experience?

Improve user experience. People hate getting lost on websites. When faced with a new location, people often start looking for familiar places or landmarks, and the same goes for websites. Breadcrumbs can help your user experience. it is a common interface element that shows people an instant exit. You may not need to click the back button.

Why Breadcrumbs Are Important to SEO

Breadcrumbs are important to SEO for many reasons. As mentioned above, breadcrumbs make it easier for users to navigate a website and encourage users to browse other parts of the website.

For example, let’s say you want to learn more about a company. Visit this company’s website and after some browsing, go to the company’s previous posts. Breadcrumbs allow you to easily return to the About page, previous pages, and even home pages.

This is a useful way to help users find what they are looking for easily and to make it deeply part of your website.

Breadcrumbs improve website ranking Google, breadcrumbs are used to categorize and contextualize content. In 2018, Google added breadcrumbs to its results pages, making them more important. Google also supports the breadcrumb application to provide users with support.

Breadcrumbs in search results also help users understand where this page is on your site, it is So this is a double win for SEO.

Recent research shows that using crumbs is one of the top 10 factors affecting search results on Google.

It aims to keep people on your site longer. Bounce rate might not be a direct ranking factor, but it can still help SEO

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