What Are Digital Advertising Models?


Advertising model derived from the combination of advertising and editorial words; As you can guess from the words that make up the name, we can summarize it as a news announcement. This model, previously seen on televisions, is now used on all websites, newspapers and even radio.

Advertisements that are not noticed at first glance that the reader is an advertisement are presented with normal but interesting news headlines without any fiction. Although the ad looks like ordinary content, it turns into an ad by blending it with the information provided by the company in detail. The concept of “informative advertising” was completed by introducing the brand at the end of the content.

According to the company’s strategy; Trademarks, logos and even slogans cannot be used. In such studies, it is necessary to inform the reader “This is an announcement” in order not to consider the news as real.

If the advertisement is prepared with today’s trends in mind, it will provide high returns. This model not only positively impacts direct advertising sales, it also adds value to the corporate image and brand awareness of companies.


It is an advertising model that “completely covers the page” when opening any web page on mobile, tablet or desktop computers. It does not bother its readers because it can be closed quickly. Illustrations, which we can refer to as page layouts, are on the right, left and right side of the content of the website and add back. The right and left flags indicate the product it is promoting the reader by going up and down on the same page on this page.


It is an example that suddenly appears like a box while the reader is browsing the site. Words or pictures can be hidden in it.


advertising Ads advertising, which can be described as home advertising, is at the bottom of the report and puts the user out at the end of the story they read. In this regard, title and visual function can be done in the context of advertising.


This is a type of announcement called mailing in the industry and is organized through mass mailing. Here is the important detail; Authorization has been obtained from people who have been sent in bulk. Otherwise, the product you are promoting will be referred to as “spam”, spam emails. Email announcements can be saved by interested persons for information.


It is a type of banner that can be opened up or down when hovering with the mouse.


Expandable, similar to a rollover model; Show the product to the reader by expanding it to the right, left, top or bottom.


It is shown to the user before, in the center or at the end of the video and can be included in the video as a banner, you can often see this genre, especially on YouTube
Digital advertising terms.

What is CTR ?

The percentage of users who click on the product offered to viewers is defined as “CTR” (Click-through Rate), or Click-through Rate. To this report; It is obtained by dividing the total number of clicks by the total views.

What is CPC?

Pay-per-click in digital advertisements is known as “CPC” (cost-per-click). The unit cost agreement made with the advertised website may vary between channels. What is CPL?

The Pay-per-Referral The method is called CPL (Possible Costs Per Sale). The advertiser pays the publisher a fixed fee per recruited or registered member. What is CPM

The charge for 1000 views of the ad is called CPM (Cost Per Mile)

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