What is a hashtag? How to Use Hashtags Most Effectively

What is a hashtag?

In daily life, there are new concepts and words that have just entered the development of technology.Although these words and concepts are sometimes used very actively in daily life, people often find it difficult to describe what it is to be One of these words is the word hashtag, which can also be considered a concept.

When the word is conceptually translated in any dictionary, the title tag appears as its full Turkish equivalent. In this regard, it is possible to define the hashtag as a name used to describe some concept of the simplest way of thinking, but this is not enough, to be more precise it is the name given to the use of the word together with the symbol #. known of these today are the hashtags #tbt, #love, #photo and #instagood, frequently used on Instagram, actively used all over the world, especially since 2007, in fact they entered the Oxford dictionary in 2014.

Why use hashtags?

Although hashtags started to be used on Twitter from their starting point, they are now actively used on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

At point reached on platforms of social media, it has become almost inevitable for people to use hashtags for very different reasons. Among these reasons, of course, in terms of personal accounts, the number of followers and, therefore, their awareness. It is important to use this concept today, especially for Therefore, when used correctly and effectively, the number of followers and the number of likes for the posts increase, which represents a serious gain for the users. of social networks to reach the right target audience

It is a concept that has emerged to reach more people, both in individual and commercial actions, it is also one of the most effective methods of increasing sales for people and institutions that promote and / or sell products on social media.

Since hashtags categorize shared content, people related to this class can directly access to your post when they search. the starting point for hashtags.

Hashtags can be used on special occasions like holidays and New Years Eve, but be very careful, because when I say make an eyebrow here, it can be like an eye lift if your post is directly related to that special day, if the image you use is suitable for this, you must use the full name of the relevant day. If you can use a label linking your brand to that special day, you will be extremely advantageous. This should not be forgotten. Use of Hashtags on Social Networks

Use of Hashtags on Twitter

As is known, the starting point is Twitter, whose self-expression is limited to 140 characters. Twitter hashtag users are the oldest in the field and often use hashtags to post the Best. Tweet of the day

Scientific research reveals that the correct use of hashtags increases the mass of interactions, however, the point to keep in mind here is that when tweeting on Twitter, no more than two hashes should be used at the same time . In such a situation, the interaction is adversely affected. Based on the study conducted here, there may be 90 relationships with a single hashtag, where this relationship falls below 10 and a hashtag 11. For this reason, it is important to use wisdom and understanding of hashtags. because Twitter at the same time is seen as very good. , use 30 no hashtags, no hashtags no nonsense. the difference between Instagram and Twitter here is that using the right amount of mix, especially when used for product promotion, increases engagement and makes it possible to reach different target audiences ears at the same time. For example, if you have a factory production product to bring to market for the first time, you can use it with many hashtags. Thus both the buyers and the design became products



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