What is Conversion Optimization, What are its Processes?

What is conversion optimization, what are its processes? In this article you will find detailed answers to your questions like conversion optimization. In order to fully explain this concept, it is necessary to cover and explain the terms conversion and optimization in a. In this way, it is possible to understand the concept of conversion optimization more clearly.

What is conversion?
This is to ensure that customers or visitors who enter your website are taking the appropriate action. In other words, it’s defined as the visitors’ response to your marketing message.

What is optimization?
The term optimization is defined as the search for an alternative solution to achieve the highest performance at the lowest cost, in order to maximize the desired results and vice versa to minimize undesired results despite various limitations.

What is conversion optimization?
Conversion conversion is an increase in the percentage of users visiting a website or mobile app to perform a desired activity or interaction. The number of visitors is permanent or reduced. Meanwhile, attempts are being made to increase the number by making various changes to the website or application. , the number of conversions is divided by the total number of visitors and the result provides a conversion rate. How to increase conversion rate? the number of visitors to a website or mobile app should be maintained or reduced. Since the number of visitors is not increasing, advertising costs are not increasing. Since the main purpose of conversion optimization is to increase conversion by reducing costs. What are the conversion optimization processes?

Conversion optimization processes are examined under different headings. With the work done, some improvements have been made so that the website visitors can become users, members or customers. Of course, these improvements work under a certain process and a planned process is required for the studies to produce successful results. So what are the conversion optimization processes? Let’s take a look at these.

1. Watch
2. Analysis
3. Creating a Hypothesis
4. Plan
5. Testing
6. Goal


At the beginning of conversion optimization, monitoring is done by setting certain goals on the website or in the mobile application. Things to be observed in the monitoring phase are goals, funnels and segmentation. Analysis

The analysis process shows which phases the visitors are following according to certain goals. So when visitors leave the site or how they interact is revealed at this point. The analysis process includes certain steps that help make sense of some of the data being tracked. They look like the following;

Heat maps (heat maps)
Visitor records

Make a hypothesis

This is the interpretation of the data obtained after the monitoring and analysis processes After having made the necessary interpretation, it It is necessary to create a hypothesis and these hypotheses must be based on a cause and effect relationship. Plan

The planning process is an important step in implementing the hypotheses. There are 3 most important parameters in the planning phase.

Build confidence to win
Effects on macro targets
Degree of applicability

It appears as: It is possible to decide which will be applied first by noting among the 3 parameters listed above It is easier to plan the idea that is thought to be tested in the order given. To test

The last step in conversion optimization is the testing process. During this period, A / B testing was replaced by planning and studies were conducted. The results obtained in the group of guests who had the test allowed to apply this test to all guests.

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