What is Funnel, Why Is It Important?

Pit concept, which is very important for companies selling through the internet, allows you to increase your revenue by using the right optimization process. So what is this cast, how is it brought to a better level and optimization, let’s try to understand this in an example;

The machine, which has recently become a popular term for digital marketing, is actually a diagram that includes the processes that employees must undertake to complete marketing, or practices that require additional results. ease of use of each method with these data, which shows us how and when users reached the final stage, as well as rates, numbers.

Each step in the pit can be considered independently in any situation that challenges the process. Obviously optimization is done in the right place.

Function Description

As we have already mentioned, foam allows you to visualize and visualize how your website visit serves the purpose. important for e-commerce companies, you need to define the areas you have decided well and take appropriate action. The site can be the speed of the site, page details, shipping and payment page.

1. Let’s take a look at how to turn a hole and an optimizer that can be installed on the site; In the example we saw above, we see 10,000 visitors to an e-commerce site, either literally or through advertising. A large number of these visitors, up to 40%, are concerned about the stability of the site and leave the site while they are still on the site. The optimization of the site can be done by considering this level and many of these 4000 people can be saved on the page.

2. In the second, we found that 3500 of the 6000 people entering the product description left the site due to the detailed product description. Thirdly, we see additional shipping costs for those who add the selected product to their shopping cart. No matter how cheap your product is, shipping costs have a negative impact on buyers. and a staggering amount of 1500 can be saved out of the 2500, mainly for shopping that is expected to be free. ce of shipping and product description page.

3. The next step is the reliability of the checkout page, one of the most important features of e-commerce systems.Because people will trust your checkout page and share their debit or credit card information. Therefore, this page must be designed to build trust. In the example we gave above, we see that 900 out of 1000 people go to the checkout page 40 to 4 Finally, the remaining 100 people bought, this corresponds to 1% of the first visitors

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