What is RSS, How is it used?

RSS is a whistleblower that helps you easily keep track of new content added to websites.

How to use RSS?

It is a very difficult task to instantly capture all the posts that are uploaded to the Internet and that concern us. and checks thousands of websites every day. Instead of accessing these sites, the RSS feed collects the titles open on the sites and loads the collected data to the desired location on your computer or a website. RSS Feed stands for Really Simple Syndication – Really Simple Distribution.

How an RSS Feed Works

Not all websites on the Internet share an RSS feed, most do. If you want to create your own feed;

You need to download an RSS reader (also known as a source) and start the RSS feed. Download one of the free but advertised RSS readers to your computer.
We enter our target’s website and look for the RSS link. If you can’t find it, we write the full name of the website and “RSS” into the search engine. the site.
We paste the RSS URL obtained by uploading it to the RSS reader.
We do it one by one on the sites that we visit regularly

Some readers recommend additional sites with RSS feeds. reader, we go to the RSS reader website or launch the RSS software or application, so all internet broadcasts can be analyzed instantly.You can organize the RSS feeds into folders such as E-mail, and adjust the Alert and sound settings when certain internet feeds are updated.

How to use RSS
Types of RSS

RSS feeds can be customized to direct you to the latest news from selected websites. Instead of visiting different places, from weather, sports news, political discussions to movie sites, you can access the screen and combine selected website titles.

RSS headlines and stories are prepared instantly. With a difference; It will take some time for the RSS headers published on the origin server to appear on the screen.

When we copy the RSS URL and paste it into the RSS reader, we subscribe to the feed. The results will continue to come to our RSS reader until we unsubscribe.

If we list some advantages of the RSS reader;

Weather forecast; We can easily follow the weather in our country via RSS.
News; From sports news to newspaper news, we can follow the latest news via RSS.
Hobby; Based on personal interests, we can get advice from motorcycle racing to mountaineering, from sculpture to dog training, and we can immediately follow the updated posts.
Photos; RSS is a great tool for automatically getting images from websites that share photos on a daily basis, so the wallpapers on your computer change automatically every day.
Reading the blog; We can see the content of the blogs we follow regularly on our screens automatically and directly via RSS.
Politics; You can follow popular ideas and blog posts instantly via RSS.
We can automatically retrieve jokes, quotes, word of mouth, stock and currency status and many other resources and track them effortlessly.

Some RSS readers;

There are many paid RSS readers available. The main ones are;

Feedly for web, iOS and Android operating systems
Google Chrome extension, Panda for web and iOS
Reeder 3 for Mac and iOS
Feeder for Android, Google Chrome and iOS
Feedreader for Windows

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