What is Web Filtering? In Which Ways?

I think the clearest answer to the question of what filtering is, we can define which sites to connect to our network or which computers on our network will connect by picking and selecting from criteria called filters through some programs. advantages with us thanks to the Internet facility available in almost any house, even in street picnics.However, we must not forget that the Internet has both advantages and disadvantages, many people may encounter unwanted situations, especially due to the widespread wifi (wireless

Many transactions are done over the internet at home and at work, however, this situation poses problems such as which websites to which employees or customers of these companies access, the reliability of the websites they access, and the issues that can cause serious problems. In addition, one can examine what employees are doing with their jobs when they surf the Internet and how much time they spend outside of the Internet. work

Web and Application Filtering

Web Filtering Web filtering generally allows us to determine whether certain parts of a website can be Whether or not to be viewed through software on devices with an Internet connection. even the protection of Internet IP addresses used in workplaces, residences or public places is removed.Not only does it enter malicious sites, but if any of the computers connected to the network is infected with a virus or a Trojan horse, other computers are more likely to be infected. Thanks to web filtering, the access of computers connected to the Internet from many workplaces and corporate networks to certain sites or certain site content can be restricted, so computers connected to the local network are protected.

Today, many antivirus programs on our computers protect themselves from external threats with the “filter” option.

Internet restrictions have other advantages besides security. By preventing the employee from accessing websites outside of work, it prevents a decrease in productivity in the workplace. In one study, it was established that Workplace Productivity decreased to 21% as a result of unlimited and unfiltered Internet use in the workplace.
How to Filter the Web?

Web filtering and applications

The filtering options can be done in different ways to talk about web filter or URL filter. The probability of finding a web filtering plugin in any antivirus program is very high. Aside from that, there are separate programs t has only URL blocking options.

The web filtering software allows us to protect websites with unwanted content that can infect viruses. You stay away from websites that cause computers defined in the network to slow down or even fail. Firewall devices

The firewall integrated into our computers is one of the most reliable software that ensures that our computers and operating systems are protected against virus protection

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