What’s New in Penguin Update 4.0

When the penguin algorithm is enabled, many websites come from spam content. Either it was removed from the Google ranking or it fell way behind the ranking.

The algorithm designed to prevent backlink work on websites automatically analyzes the websites and prevents Black Hat SEO from working on The site rewards sites that offer high quality content. Penguin updates have caused problems on many websites, but no changes have been made for those who do a quality job. The purpose of Google is to provide its users with the most accurate information. We have written the details of the Penguin algorithm Penguin 4.0 updates for you:

What’s new in Penguin 4.0?

The Google Penguin algorithm, which scores what users are looking for, scores them based on keywords and current content on the websites. Google announced the Google Penguin 4.0 update on September 23, 2016 on its official blog. With this announcement, he also announced that the rankings will change immediately.

The important innovations provided with Penguin 4.0 can be listed as follows:

1) Real-time rankings

Before the update, the rankings change from update to update. This required Google to constantly update, it seems that it will be updated in real time after the Penguin 4.0 update, thanks to this update you will be able to instantly follow the SEO work done and you will not have to wait long for it to go up, this way the links will change to receive for your site Immediately, therefore, the concept of guarantee will disappear from the ranking.

2) Detailed algorithm

The update of Penguin 4.0 has become more detailed than other updates. On the agenda, the entire site is listed and the spammer site is removed from the ranking. Now new sites with updates are judged by page. There are no more penalties on the site; the wrong sheet will be cut on the page.

What to do for Penguin Update 4.

Will you notice regress on your site after updating? You don’t need to be afraid, it doesn’t mean you’ll be punished. on your site is genuine, up-to-date, user-friendly and functioning properly, don’t be afraid to update it. If the exposure persists, it will now be considered simultaneously so that you can restore your site So that your site does not appear as spam and does not remain in the results search methods, we recommend the following methods:

Get rid of harmful backlinks

As part of the SEO work for your website, excessive link excursions from spam pages, low valuable sites and one source can harm your site, on the other hand, malicious links to your site should be detected and cleared.

Implement a Quality

Backlinking Strategy The importance of quality backlink work has increased further in the SEO work you do on your site. Google attaches great importance to the naturalness of the links provided to your site. We recommend that you purchase your backlink purchases Take care to periodically receive links for your site Print up to 3 links from an article When you go out more than 3 links Google may understand that it is a work and spam your site. The links you get should not be of value from your site.

Post original content for user

Do not create duplicate content. Do not use words key heavy in your content, be sure to keep the keywords at an average level of 2%. Provide your visitors with content that they can find what they are looking for, as Google also evaluates the time that users stay on the page.

Keep your website up to date

In the statement made with the update by Google, the core quality update will be carried out immediately. This means your website should be up to date. You should constantly monitor your website and eliminate crawl errors and negative developments.

You can do the above work yourself using the Google Webmaster Tools, various SEO tools and plugins that are provided independently, or you can get support by providing CRM MEDIA with professional service in this area.

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