Which Industries Has Corona Virus Affected?

The coronavirus, which has recently been a part of our lives, has affected the world in many areas and the problems it has created are growing rapidly, and while this process has been an opportunity for some companies, it has also caused serious problems for some companies.

The effect of the virus on the world of advertising

First of all, the virus has affected the entire world economically. This process has affected not only the world of advertising, but all channels. The world of advertising is divided in two. With the spread of the virus, the need for people to live from home and to meet basic needs from the Internet environment has increased many times over.In this case, e-commerce sites can satisfy the basic needs of people have continued to turn the crisis into an opportunity by focusing on their announcements. As a result, businesses that are outside the basic needs of people and advertisements have been affected by this situation and have come to the point of closing their ads.

W Which industries has positively influenced Corona?

Online TV series and movie portals from industries positively affected by Coronavirus

There has been a notable increase in next-generation Internet TV platforms since last month. The company’s advertising and the new content they put in visions attract the attention of employees and increase the demand.

Section of Medyacorona Infected

As we know, because of the disease, it looks like people If we are at home, the time to play various games increases rapidly. mainly the rate of game play has been increasing in recent times. This brings in a lot of money for the gaming industry and over time.
It has expanded not only in technology but also in products such as lego and puzzle. .In this way, various applications became commonplace.

Online Marketplace Chainsikorona virus has an online effect

ic, people in general increase what they want in this guide. People avoid infection by getting out, intending to reduce the impact of the virus by ordering online. In this way, the online marketing network is positively affected in this process.

gym equipment

Since the gym is closed, there has been a visible increase in the availability of home health products, weight training and yoga equipment. If Corona is infected with the deadly virus

Sports Media

section that affects the Corona virus

Turkey and sees a failure in many parts of the world, it will be canceled or rescheduled in sports programming and content media.

holiday industry

Many holiday companies are experiencing a rapid rise in online activity in recent years. Since the virus was not clear for the next period, workers canceled and affected their vacation plans. with the return of homework, the number of outdoor diners decreased dramatically. Housekeepers have increased their cooking time by cooking due to unhygienic concerns. In this case, the interest in the food and video system increases.


Land seller affected by corona virus

ly search for websites that buy, sell and rent have rejection. They reduce people’s long-term thinking and focus on their core needs.

travel industry

the travel industry is facing a huge challenge, where education and online services are plentiful.

How can companies control this process? Keep Your Communication Close: We are in constant communication when we are in the office, when you have easy communication with our friends, everyone is working in different environments and the communication process is slowing down . This can lead to communication issues. online meetings using social media.

Maintain Communication with Customers: Of course face-to-face meetings are often effective in expressing feelings and thoughts, but online discussions and exchanges of ideas should begin to achieve the same effect. should maintain our communication with our customers and reach out to our customers we need and is very important to understand. We need to work with our staff to show them that we understand our customers and that we must create alternatives for our customers.

Plan Planning: It is difficult to imagine what the future holds for the spread of the disease. Modifications to this system may be possible if they are made in a system approved and configured

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