Will the New Law Block Advertising SMS?

Will the New Law Block Advertising SMS?

The Electronic Commerce Regulation Act, which was approved in November last year and will come into force on May 1, 2015, introduces important regulations regarding the emails and text messages that businesses send to consumers almost daily.

New information on the rights granted by the Law on the regulation of electronic commerce to consumers regarding e-mails and SMS started to appear. Since May 1, 2015, the date of entry into force of the law, companies will no longer be able to send commercial e-mails and texts to their customers for whom they have not received prior approval.

In this new era, consumers must be aware of their legal rights.

Here are the rights offered by the new law to consumers

1 – No commercial electronic message that the consumer has not given beforehand is not sent to him. consent must be obtained in writing or electronically The company sending the message is required to prove consumer approval w

2- In texts sent to consumers for approval, it should be clearly stated that their approval is required and the approval section should not be pre-marked

3- The consumer can opt out of receiving commercial electronic messages at any time and without reason. The shipping company must stop sending the message within three working days following receipt of this request.

4- Customer consent and business electronic information does not mean that he / she allows the sharing of personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses and others with the company. The law holds the company accountable for the safety and security of personal data.

5- While the new law requires initial authorization, it also includes conditions that we can define as alternatives. If there is a pre-existing business relationship between the company that sends the business message to the customer, that is, if the customer is the “customer” of the said company his words, no authority required. For example, a bank may be able to send information about a loan to a lender before receiving it. keep in mind that this information may be only for the product or service you are a customer of. unauthorized giving.

6- The sender of the message or message will also speak clearly.

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